West Side Taekwondo prides itself in having some of the finest instructors in the martial arts. All West Side Instructors are Black Belts certified through the World Taekwondo Federation based in Korea, and are versed in the most effective methods of teaching children and adults. Guided by Taekwondo’s tenets of mutual respect and rigorous discipline, our instructors teach each class and student with understanding and patience.

Black belt class is an opportunity for Instructors and Black Belts to meet and train with their seniors and juniors, and to gain perspective on their teaching skills. Aside from practicing black belt forms, advanced techniques, and reinforcing basic skills, Black Belts have an opportunity to interact with the Master Instructors in a more intimate setting, to benefit from their decades of involvement in the martial arts. At West Side Taekwondo we believe that one’s education and training in Taekwondo never ends, and we believe that a healthy, vibrant community depends on encouraging one’s education throughout all levels of one’s training, whether as a White Belt, or as a Third Degree Black Belt.

Black Belt class is an opportunity for Instructors and Black Belts of our Dojang to meet with their seniors to gain perspective on their teaching abilities and supplement their training. Besides simply practicing Black Belt forms and advanced techniques, Black Belts enjoy a chance to interact directly with the Sabomnim of the Dojang, and to educate themselves so that they can better serve the educational needs of the junior members of the school.


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Taekwondo: The state of the Art

by Masters Sung Chul & Jun Chul Whang, with Master Brandon Saltz and forward by Master Dae Sung Lee