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November 16, 2007

Pee Pods (ages 3-4)

West Side Taekwondo- Pee Wee Class

There are currently no classes offered for three year olds.

Class Times




If you would like to schedule different times, please let us know.

Martial arts have become an integral part of our popular culture, through video games, movies and reality shows. With all that exposure, it’s natural for our youngest ones to develop an avid interest in the martial arts.

At West Side Taekwondo, we channel that interest into positive programs (Pee Pod Program (3-4) and Pee Wee Program (4-5)) that promote the ideals of discipline, respect and confidence through activities which are designed to increase aerobic capacity, sharpen motor skills and increase focus. Most importantly, through Taekwondo training, students will learn many valuable life lessons while actually having fun.

Class Structure

Our youngest members are gently introduced to age-appropriate Taekwondo concepts and movement in a fun and flexible environment, in classes of 40 minutes each. Using the framework of the core philosophy of Taekwondo, our teaching is focused on shaping our youngest students’ behavior, character and gross motor skills.

Here is a brief list of what you can expect your child to learn:


* Respect for the learning process through a formalized and uniformed class setting, with rules that are gently enforced

* Respect for teachers through formalities such as bowing and hand shakes, and addressing them with “Yes, Sir!” and “Yes, Ma’am!”

* Respect for each other and other socialization skills through bowing

* Cooperation through taking turns at activities

* Concepts of non-violence through lessons in using the techniques learned only for defense

* Respect for parents


* Responsibility for oneself and one’s actions

* Discipline and a positive work ethic

* Good manners and respectful behavior

* Cooperative attitude toward teachers and fellow students

Motor skills:

* Basic control over arms and legs with elementary kicks, punches and blocks

* Running

* Jumping

* Stepping (forward, backward, and side)

* Balancing

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