West Side Taekwondo

West Side Taekwondo

Since its founding in 1992, West Side Taekwondo has distinguished itself as New York City’s premiere martial arts education center, and an Upper West Side institution.

West Side Taekwondo is a true microcosm of our City, reflecting its rich diversity and composed of proud practitioners aged 3 to over 60, from every national, ethnic, religious, occupational and socio-economic background.

Each member of the select teaching staff of Masters and Instructors is internationally certified through the World Taekwondo Federation, Taekwondo’s international governing body.

In addition, West Side Taekwondo is home to many elite athletes and coaches who have trained, competed and coached in every corner of the world.

West Side Taekwondo recognizes the importance and uniqueness of each individual student who trains at our Dojang, and monitors each student’s attendance and encourages progress through regular promotion tests.

West Side Taekwondo provides the highest quality instruction in a welcoming and supportive, yet disciplined and challenging atmosphere, where each individual is treated as an important member of a close knit community.

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